Houston Police Warn Of Looters Posing as Rescue Workers

As if Houston hasn’t seen enough hardship following Hurricane Harvey, now we have to worry about looters and crime. Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo wants to warn Texans that there are criminals and looters going door to door impersonating energy workers and emergency rescuers. The looters trick residents into letting them into their home under the pretense of assessing damage or turning off the home’s electricity. They then proceed to rob the homeowner.

Chief Acevedo says that all real energy workers are being accompanied by a uniformed first responder. Please be very careful. Do not let anyone without proper identification into your home. If you spot an impostor, see looters, or notice anything suspicious, call 9-1-1.

Additionally, there have been reports of criminals entering homes under the pretense of representing the City of Houston, FEMA, or another government or rescue organization. All City of Houston personnel, and FEMA workers, will be wearing clearly marked uniforms and carrying ID.

If anyone without proper identification enters your home or you feel you are in danger, call 9-1-1.  If you are not in danger, but suspect criminal activity, please call the Harris County Constable at 281-463-6666.

Photo: Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo and Deputy U.S. Marshal Santana from Jacksonville, Fl. who traveled to Texas to assist in Hurricane Harvey recovery.

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