Deer Rescue: Texas Flood Relief Team Saves Desperate Buck

One Texas rescue team was in for a big surprise as they navigated murky flood waters near Beaumont. A group of Houston area Texans traveled east to flooded Vidor, a city in Orange County, Texas. The area suffered devastating floods and many of the homes there are still under water. Rescuers boated from house to house, building to building, searching for survivors in second story windows and on rooftops.

As they navigated past a backyard drowned under approximately eight feet of water, they noticed movement.

A male deer, desperate for his life, swam through the murky waters right up to their boat. Thankfully, the rescuers were able to pull the deer up into their boat, keeping him calm while they made a beeline to higher ground.

“I’m glad we got photos because if we hadn’t I’m not sure anyone would have believed me,” says Robert Rice, one of the volunteer rescuers. “It’s not in a wild deer’s nature to approach humans, so it was surprising to see him swimming toward our boat. He wanted to get saved, and somehow he knew we’d save him. I’m just glad we saw him.”

The grateful deer, who they named Devin, was freed in a green grassy area where he was able to rest, recover, and hopefully found his way back to his friends.

“He stayed really calm in the boat,” Robert added. “I had my hands on him, ready to control him if he did panic, but he never did. He just sat there, catching his breath. I sat with him for a while once we got him back to dry ground, just to make sure he was OK. He seemed fine, and relieved to be safe.”

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