What To Do If Your Vehicle Flooded

Vehicles across Texas and Louisiana have been flooded. If you’re vehicle flooded, there are some important steps and tips you need to know to get back on the road quickly. Here are a few tips from Katy Foreign & Domestic Auto on what to do if your vehicle flooded or sustained water damage:

1. Do not start your vehicle. Starting your car once water has gotten in the oil will lock up your motor.

2. Mark the water line. This is very important so the insurance company knows how deep it was, and so does your mechanic.

“Feel free to call us with any questions you may have. Regardless of whether you are bringing your vehicle to us, we are here to help you! We will also check all your belts and fluids for free to make sure you didn’t get water anywhere it shouldn’t be. Ask for David.”
Katy Foreign & Domestic Auto

3. Take it to a mechanic you trust. Many will say, “Take it to the dealership,” but you don’t have to! You have the choice to take it anywhere.

4. Take wait times into account. Because so many vehicles flooded, most dealerships are already operating a 30-45 day waiting list. Depending on how badly your vehicle flooded, Katy Foreign & Domestic Auto can most likely get it back to you in less then 72 hours.

5. Compare pricing. According to Katy Foreign & Domestic Auto, “We just fixed a lady’s new Range Rover. Her dealership said they could get to it in the weeks and would cost around $1,500. She brought it to us and we got it out the same day for $457. She didn’t even have to use her insurance.”

This information is courtesy of Katy Foreign & Domestic Auto
1229 Ave B., Katy, Texas
Visit them on Facebook

Photo courtesy of Kate Frank

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