Cy-Fair Elementary School Nixes All Homework For Students

At least one Cy-Fair ISD Elementary School is canceling homework for students. In a note shared with us by Kevin Fluton, Attorney at The Fulton Law Firm and Cy-Fair parent, Yeager Elementary Principal Laura Barrett explains the school’s reasoning:

We are excited to introduce a new homework policy for our students this year. We have researched the benefits of homework for our young learners and determined that homework does not improve student achievement in elementary school. We believe that your child can reach their full potential with the instruction provided in the 7 hours and 15 minutes they are with us daily.

We have decided that our students need to have the opportunity to play outside and spend time with their family after school. Homework will no longer be formally assigned by the teacher or the campus. We encourage families to make daily reading (together or independently) a part of your family routine. Teachers may be providing optional activity menus, including practicing sight words, math facts, etc..

Your child’s teacher will continue to send home newsletters to keep you informed of what your child is learning.

Thank you in advance for your help and support. we are so ready for the 2017-2018 school year at Yeager.


Laura Barrett

Meanwhile, many Houston area parents are complaining about heavy after-school assignment loads, with some mentioning as much as three hours worth of work, or staying up with their kids past midnight to study and finish assignments.

Does your child’s school assign homework? What do you think of this policy? Post your comments below!

Cy-Fair ISD homework letter

5 thoughts on “Cy-Fair Elementary School Nixes All Homework For Students

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  1. As a parent of 3 child in the Harmony Charter School for many years. I would welcome the idea of no homework. We spend hours daily on trying to keep up, including holiday breaks. The teacher easily hand out bad grades without helping the kids learn the subject matter. This has only made my kids and myself feel like failures. Thinking about changing schools for this very reason. Sad…


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