Mayor Turner Proposes Property Tax Increase for Houston Flood Survivors

While many Houston residents are still cleaning up the mud, mold, and debris from their flood damaged homes, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has proposed a 9% property tax increase. According to ABC 13, “The current rate of 58.6 cents per $100 valuation would go up to 63.8 cents for 12 months.”

So, the owner of a $200,000 home would pay $1,276 in property taxes, as opposed to $1,172, a $104 difference. In a time when many Houstonians are going into debt trying to make their homes livable again, many feel this adds insult to injury.

Or, as ABC 13 explains it, “The average home in Houston is valued at $225,000. The increase would add about $117 a year to the tax bill. That breaks down to about $10 a month for 12 months.”

Mayor Sylvester Turner says the property tax increase is needed to pay for Harvey relief. Because the hike would be in response to Hurricane Harvey, a natural disaster, the increase would be temporary.

Thankfully, Houston has some recourse, and if the bill passes, won’t see an increase until 2018. The Houston City Council is set to review the increase on Wednesday, September 12. The City will then hold three public hearings on Tuesday, September 26; Tuesday, October 3; and Wednesday, October 11. If approved, the property tax increase would bring the City $110 million.

Contact Your City Council Representative & Let Them Know Your Thoughts:

District A – Brenda Stardig

District B – Jerry Davis

District C – Ellen Cohen

District D – Dwight Boykins

District E – Dave Martin

District F – Steve Le

District G – Greg Travis

District H – Karla Cisneros

District I – Robert Gallegos

District J – Mike Laster

District K – Larry Green

At-Large 1 – Mike Knox

At-Large 2 – David Robinson

At-Large 3 – Michael Kubosh

At-Large 4 – Amanda Edwards

At-Large 5 – Jack Christie

H/T ABC 13

2 thoughts on “Mayor Turner Proposes Property Tax Increase for Houston Flood Survivors

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  1. I never got the sense from ANY media outlet that this Mayor knew what the hell he was doing? What’s the chance he will be re-elected? Zero?
    Try other options for your donations! Samaritan’s Purse…Salvation Army…Mennonite Disaster Services…Baptist and other church, relief organizations!


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