Red Cross Calls Viral Accusations ‘Hate’ & ‘Lies,’ Denies Wrongdoing

This month the American Red Cross has been buffeted by accusation after accusation in the wake of both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. We have been covering these stories and giving locals a voice. We told you about the heartbroken former Red Cross Director from Utah. We told you about the 20 Red Cross Volunteers who stayed at St. Regis five star hotel in Houston. We shared The Red Cross’ Response to our inquiries, and their press release asking hurricane survivors in need of emergency aid to “Try Again Tomorrow.”

We have been searching for positive stories to balance out so much negativity and provide perspective. Yesterday, we reached out to a Red Cross biomedical technician, Debi Goodner, in hopes of acquiring a positive story about the organization. She turned down our request, and replied with what appeared to be an emotionally written press release.

We did a quick search, and found that it is in fact an official Red Cross press release posted on their verified Facebook page, describing negative stories and viral accounts as “hate” and “lies.” The Red Cross also denies all allegations of theft, charging for services, or denying assistance, across the board.

“For those of you determined to perpetuate hatred, rumors, misinformation or lies, you’ll have to excuse us for not addressing you, as we’ve got important work to do to provide help to those in need.”
– The American Red Cross

Here is the press release in its entirety:

The Dangers of Rumors and Misinformation

Today there are roughly 6,000 American Red Cross volunteers on the ground in 13 states and U.S. territories whose sole purpose is to help their neighbors. These 6,000 volunteers are helping thousands they’ve never met, who have been devastated by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, as well as thousands more threatened by wildfires across the West and Northwest. In too many cases to count, our volunteers have set aside family and professional obligations to put our humanitarian mission first and lend a hand.

While these volunteers work tirelessly to deliver much-needed aid to areas decimated by unprecedented disaster events, the American Red Cross is faced with an onslaught of baseless claims, rumors or outright lies that do nothing more than undermine our critical relief efforts.

On this page, we embrace the exchange of different ideas and points of view. And during times of disaster, we know that emotions run high and misinformation is quick to spread. But these accusations (theft, charging for services, denying assistance) not only derail the efforts of so many workers providing aid, they divert resources away from our core mission: to deliver relief. The countless hours spent addressing malicious falsehoods ultimately risk hurting those we’re trying to serve.

So for those of you who doubt our credibility, we have one thing to say to you: Join us. Sign up. Put on a Red Cross vest and volunteer at one of our shelters, blood drives or events. We welcome your service.

For those with complaints, provide specifics so that we may follow up to ensure our services are adequately meeting needs and measuring up to the standards we expect and communities deserve. We take legitimate criticisms seriously.

But for those of you determined to perpetuate hatred, rumors, misinformation or lies, you’ll have to excuse us for not addressing you, as we’ve got important work to do to provide help to those in need.

American Red Cross

View a screenshot of the press release here.

View the press release on The American Red Cross Official Facebook page.


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2 thoughts on “Red Cross Calls Viral Accusations ‘Hate’ & ‘Lies,’ Denies Wrongdoing

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  1. Atleast ARC responded.
    But blowing off serious allegations with names, dates, photos uploaded…not a good thing. These people with the big salaries…THAT is why these organisations SHOULD PAY BIG BUCKS…to GET A PROFESSIONAL RESPONSE AND QUICK OVERSIGHT OF PROBLEMS, before they lose control.


  2. Been trying to get my car out of the shop with that relief money and get mold out of a sheetrock ceiling. Have yet to get to a form or application. No response from them or their webmaster.


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