Harvey Washes Hideous Sea Monster Up Onto Texas City Beach

Following Hurricane Harvey, many Texans witness displaced fish, snakes, alligators, and other critters washed up around creeks, bayous, ponds, and beaches. However, none quite tops the mysterious sea monster photographed by fearless wildlife enthusiast, Preeti Desai.

The hideous fanged blob confounded and disturbed many a Twitter user. One person suggested a frill shark, another a snake eel, and another a prehistoric platypus. Yet another person suggested that it didn’t come from the sea at all, but rather, from outer space.

All of these suggestions seem fairly plausible given the creature’s doleful expression and Vogon-reminiscent physique. Nevertheless, Pretti seems sympathetic to the sea monster.

“Hey guys, so this thing wasn’t frightening, wasn’t colossal, and wasn’t a monster. It was just a d*** sea creature trying to live its life.” ~ Preeti Desai

Preeti’s critter was so weird, it garnered the attention of our friends-across-the-pond, the BBC. They report that, “[Preeti’s] request was passed to biologist and eel specialist Dr. Kenneth Tighe, who believes it is a fangtooth snake-eel. He said it may also be a garden or conger eel, because ‘all three of these species occur off Texas and have large fang-like teeth.'”

So, whatever this creepy thing is, it seems definitely to be an eel. Anyone up for a beach day?

Preeti’s photo has gotten so much attention, that the photographer joked, “My dead (possible) fangtooth snake-eel needs an agent.”


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