ADORABLE! Puppies Born During Harvey Named After Cajun Navy, Mattress Mack

Spring, Texas, residents John and Jan Carleton have their hands full! The dog lovers from North Houston welcomed a litter of seven adorable puppies into their home as Hurricane Harvey dumped 33 trillion gallons of water on the Lone Star State. In light of the ominous weather — and incredible human spirit — surrounding their birthday, the Carletons decided to name their puppies after Texas cities and Texas heroes.

Cajun is named after the Cajun Navy. Liberty is named after Liberty County just north of Houston. Houston is named after … can you guess? Dayton is named after Dayton City, which is just northeast of Houston. Beaumont is named after Beaumont, Texas, a city that remains devastated by Harvey flooding. Mack was named after Jim McIngvale, AKA Mattress Mack, who sheltered hundreds if not thousands of Houstonians in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Finally, little Christi is named after Corpus Christi, another Texas city devastated by hurricane force winds and catastrophic flooding.

In the presence of so much hardship and sorrow, it is encouraging to see seven happy, playful new lives enter our world. No doubt this darling rolly-polly balls of pudge will bring a lot of joy in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Thanks John and Jan for sharing!

John posts, “The seven new additions to our menagerie. Born 9 days ago. Cajun, Liberty, Houston, Dayton, Beaumont, Mac, Christi.”

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