Red Cross Allegedly Throws Out Dog Food & Pet Supplies

In a damning video posted by Wendy Wilkerson Underwood of Waco, Texas, a Houston animal lover claims that The Red Cross threw away garbage bags full of Red Cross blankets, and several truck loads of unopened dog food, pet crates, bowls, bones, treats, and a mass of other pet supplies. The Red Cross and almost everyone else assumed that Wendy was the woman in the video. However, we spoke with Wendy today over the phone, and this is not the case.

The video is actually one of two videos shot by an acquaintance of Wendy’s who is volunteering in Houston. The first video shows all the food, dishes, crates, and pet supplies which have seemingly been abandoned. The second video shows the big trash bags, after all the pet supplies have been cleared out, and reveals the branded Red Cross blankets stuffed inside.

We are keeping the name of the woman in the video confidential in light of the violent threats Wendy is currently receiving. When Wendy first watched the videos, she felt that the American public deserved to know what was allegedly going on in Houston. She decided to post them publicly, never dreaming how viral they would explode. At the time of this articles publication, the first video had been viewed over 10 Million times.

Watch Video #1 Video Below:

Watch Video #2 Below:

In the second video, recorded approximately 36 hours after Wendy posted the first, the woman narrating sounds notably more tired. She is aware that her first video has gone viral, and has spent the time in between distributing the dog food and pet supplies to shelters and neighbors in need.

“You people,” she says. “Apparently someone stole my video and y’all have been having fun with it out there. It is September 12, 2017. I’m tired. These are the new bags we got today from The Red Cross. For those of you who asked what’s in them. These are dirty ones that can go to animal shelters. These are clean ones. The Red Cross doesn’t really have the manpower to get to the neighborhoods that they don’t know about. So, a few friends of mine have offered up our time to help find locations in need and distribute them. I don’t know what to say, you know? I don’t work for The Red Cross. I’m just trying to be a good citizen and help my neighbors. So, I’m using my vehicle, I’m loading and unloading it. There’s an army of us getting it done down here, helping them out. I don’t know what else to say.”

The Red Cross however denies that these apparently abandoned donations are theirs.

According to Elizabeth Penniman Bergevin, Vice President of Communications at The American Red Cross headquareters in Washington D.C., “Numerous inquiries to Ms. Underwood, who originally posted this video, have gone unanswered. These inquiries have come from both the local Red Cross staff on the ground in Texas, the Disaster Response Operation in Texas, and from Red Cross National Headquarters in Washington, DC. It is important to note that these videos seem to have been filmed in Ms. Underwood’s garage in Waco, Texas, nearly 200 miles — or a three-hour drive — from our primary warehousing operations in Houston. We have asked Ms. Underwood if she was on the ground at any one of our Red Cross shelters or warehousing facilities; we have asked her to open these closed plastic bags to show us what is in them, and we have asked her to identify the Red Cross Director she cites. She has not done so.”

However, Wendy says she isn’t aware of any messages or phone calls from The Red Cross or law enforcement.

“Several people claiming to be reporters have reached out, including from Buzzfeed,” Wendy told us. “However, no one from the Red Cross, police, SPCA, or Snopes have tried to contact me that I’ve seen. I have received hundreds of messages and I’m working on sorting though them. In just a few hours, I received over 250 messages and 1,000 friend requests on Facebook, so it’s possible I missed them, but I don’t think so. I certainly haven’t received any phone calls from them. Frankly, I’m overwhelmed by the response I have gotten from thousands of people.”

When asked where the dog food and pet supplies were eventually taken, Wendy responded, “It is my understanding that the woman who took the video works with rescues in the Houston area and it was distributed there.”

While most of the response to Wendy’s video post has been positive, she has also received death threats, threats of violence, and a deluge of profanities.

One man, Joe Jaremba of Kenosha, Wisconsin, publicly posted in Wendy’s comments, “YOU NEED TO DIE YOU F****** C***!!! Whatever you can get what you need, just take what you need. If I knew where that c*** lives with her brand new cars I would first cik then brn and then take whatever is left from that c***.”

Red Cross dog food video

Both of the videos documenting the discarded dog food do seem to have been shot in a garage. However, it’s certainly not the garage at Wendy’s home in Waco. One can clearly see, as the anonymous woman’s phone pans over to her SUV, that she is in a large parking garage, such as one might find at a business, industrial park, or possibly an apartment complex. She is not in her traditional two-car residential garage. According to Wendy, the video was shot by a volunteer in Houston.

Wendy is a passionate animal lover with a Southern-gal charm. Talking to her on the phone was a pleasure, though she is notably shaken by the threats and rage she’s receiving. She frequently volunteers her time at local shelters, fosters dogs, and participates in community fundraisers for pet shelters and rescue groups. She is a mother and a wife.

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  1. If the organization is short on man power’ maybe they can free up some money for more people; by not paying the upper echelon of the Red cross six figure salaries, including the national CEO who makes upwards of 500,000 a year. hmmmmmmmmmm


  2. The blankets might have been used the few shown are not have clear plastic wrapping which Is they way the are usually stored but you can’t see all of the blankets in the bags .Does Red Cross throw out used blankets or do they launder them? Does anyone know?


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