VIDEO: Rose City Texas Still Underwater, Residents ‘Abandoned’

Eric Klien, CEO of, a non-profit dedicated to disaster relief, has traveled from his home in Los Angeles to Rose City, Texas, just east of Beaumont, to help with Hurricane Harvey relief. What Eric has seen on the ground has made him furious. In his September 16th (NSFW) video, Eric describes getting tipped off by word of mouth that there was a woman sleeping on the ground with her dead son’s urn.  She had no water, food, or provisions. Eric set out to find her, and when he did, he was horrified.

“We’re out here in the area called Rose City,” Eric says in the beginning of his video, as he’s hooking up a make-shift portable camping shower. “There’s maybe about a thousand people out here. It’s yet another area that’s completely off the grid, completely abandoned, completely forgotten about. No one has been out here. There are still homes here underwater.”

At this point in the video, Eric begins to get more emotional, as he describes the state in which he found the Texas woman.

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“We got tipped off that this woman was out here. It was a medical team — three girls that drove out here from Missouri — were tipped off by the Cajun Navy. They said there was a woman out here in an emergency situation so we came out. And this is everywhere. This is not just one scenario. There’s a woman out here sleeping on the ground with her dead son’s urn. This is f******g humiliating.”

Through the darkness in the video, which was shot late Saturday night, viewers can make out a lantern and a tent behind Eric, where he and his team set the woman up with a cot and basic provisions so she wasn’t sleeping directly on the ground.

“You guys aren’t seeing the f*****g real story of what’s going on out here,” Eric says, growing more angry. “This is all over Texas. So all you guys that were out here and you all split to Miami or Florida or whatever — and I know Florida’s wrecked, Florida needs a lot of help too, I get it — but, to give the impression that it’s all cool out here and that everything is good? Well, does this look good to you? This woman is sleeping in a tent with a frigging bag for a shower, a cot, whatever water we brought her, whatever little food we brought her. We just went to Walmart because we wanted to hook her up as fast as we could, because we don’t want her sleeping on the f*****g ground.”

Eric then continues by emphasizing that there are still entire cities, towns, and pockets of residents throughout east Texas who have not had any assistance, and whose homes are still flooded, a full four weeks after Hurricane Harvey struck. Despite numerous donation drives and television events, Eric claims people in Rose City, Texas, are abandoned.

“My question is, where is all the money?” he says in frustration. “Hundreds of millions of dollars have been raised. Hundreds of millions of dollars. The Red Cross; two hundred and twelve million dollars. Where is it? They did a telethon the other night. Where’s that money? I really hope all you celebrities that are out there, I really hope that in a month from now, two months from now, a year from now, you check and see where the money went. Because let me tell you something guys, it ain’t here. It ain’t showing up. No one has. There’s no one out here.”

Eric closes his video by thanking local churches, individual volunteers, and the Cajun Navy, who he believes are responsible for saving countless lives that would have otherwise been forgotten and lost.

“Thank God for the faith based groups and the Cajun Navy,” Eric says, “because if it wasn’t for them, you’d have a lot more casualties out here. And you know what? You’re going to have a lot more casualties anyway, because people are not going to be able to survive out here like this. No way. This is it. This is Texas right now guys. I apologize for my tone right now, but this is bull s**t. There’s way too much money being raised out there, and it ain’t on the ground, so where is it?”

In another video, this one shot on Tuesday, September 19, Eric discusses, and how they’re working with locals who are familiar with their community to make sure everyone receives supplies.

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