Antifa Chant ‘Dead Cops’ in Austin Texas, Get Arrested

The Dixie Freedom Rally was initially scheduled for September 23. However, after a slew of violent threats, event organizers decided to cancel it. Coordinated by the Texas Confederate Militia, a group that advocates for the preservation of confederate monuments as veteran memorials, it was intended to be a peaceful rally against racism. This sparked anger from the alt-left, who quickly organized a counter protest against white supremacy.

‘We’re getting constant threats, at least 100 of them a day, every day,” Brad Oxford, one of the rally organizers told KXAN, “We’re trying to show people that we’re not the racists that we think they are. We’re not part of the Klan, we’re not part of any white supremacist groups at all.”

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Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts were cited as yet another reason to cancel the event, as many Texas Confederate Militia members were volunteering their time helping friends and family in Houston.

Apparently, Antifa either didn’t care, or didn’t believe that the Dixie Freedom Rally was actually canceled. Approximately 150 of them showed up in Austin, miffed, masked, and ready to fight imaginary Nazis.

When Antifa realized there were no Nazis around to be fought, they turned their ire on the police, chanting, “Dead cops, dead cops, dead cops,” and “Cops and Klan go hand in hand.”

At some point, a man grabbed the mic, and started thanking police officers. That’s when things got violent.

“The protesters were antagonized by this one dude,” said Nicolas Ortiz, who was among the Antifa protesters and is affiliated with the Brown Berets. “He [grabbed] the microphone … saying, ‘Thank you so much, you know I want to thank the police — until it kind of got out of hand. It escalated from there. People started pushing him> I walked around and got caught up in the mix.”

That’s when one Antifa protester decided to assault a police officer. Andrew Alemao, of Iowa City, Iowa, was arrested and charged with assaulting a Texas State Trooper before trying to run away. Andrew’s girlfriend, Michelle Molnar, complained that Andrew cut his head in the scuffled, and didn’t think he got prompt enough medical attention.


“Our presence out there is for their safety,” Austin Police Commander Michael Eveleth said. “We’re not going out there against them. We’re out there to help them express their First Amendment right and to provide them a safe atmosphere.”

Here’s the video of the Antifa protest. We’ve got to warn you, there’s a good number of F bombs, so NSFW or kids:


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