Newborn Girl Abandoned in Dumpster Despite Baby Moses Law

The police aren’t saying much, except that a beautiful newborn baby girl was found abandoned in a dumpster. She was promptly taken to the hospital where she remains under observation. It happened at a Northeast Austin apartment complex early Wednesday morning. Police are using the tragedy to remind people that the State of Texas does have a “Baby Moses Law.” There is absolutely no excuse for abandoning a baby in the trash.

The Baby Moses Law, or safe haven law, makes it possible for parents to surrender babies younger than 60 days at any hospital, emergency care facility, fire station, or emergency medical services station with no questions asked and no legal repercussions. The purpose of the law is to give parents a safe place to leave babies where they can be cared for, rather than abandoning them, is this poor baby’s parents apparently did.

According to the Austin Statesman:

The identities of parents who surrender children will be kept confidential. Those who choose to surrender newborns must meet the following requirements:

  • Children must be surrendered when they are 60 days old or younger, unharmed and safe.
  • They must be taken to a hospital, freestanding emergency medical care facility, fire station or EMS station in Texas.
  • Babies must be given to an employee who works at the facility, and the parent must tell them that they want to leave the child at a safe haven.
  • Parents may be asked to provide family and medical history to make sure the child receives the care they need.

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