Mattress Mack Sends Hurricane Harvey Rescuers to World Series

Houston’s favorite philanthropist and business owner is at it again! Mattress Mack, AKA Jim McIngvale of Gallery Furniture sent over three dozen first responders, veteran volunteers, and lucky residents on a chartered flight to Game 6 of The World Series. Here’s the story from ABC News:

“Take me out to the ballgame” took on new meaning for dozens of Houston Astros fans on Tuesday when hometown hero “Mattress Mack,” whose real name is Jim McIngvale, treated them to a chartered flight to Game 6 of the World Series in Los Angeles. Hurricane Harvey first responders, military veterans, and die-hard fans were among the roughly 40 passengers who boarded the chartered 737 plane for an all-expenses-paid trip on Mattress Mack’s dime.

“We gave tickets to first responders and to fans, and just to see their face light up was repayment for whatever money I spent a thousand times over,” McIngvale told ABC News. “The first responders are the true heroes of Hurricane Harvey, and what better people to send.”

“I was taught in school, ‘The essence of living is giving,’” McIngvale added.

Read The Full Story & Watch Video

This isn’t the first time (by a long shot) that Mattress Mack and Gallery Furniture have worked superhero-level kindness to Houstonians in need. Just to name a few:

Gallery Furniture Delivery
Gallery Furniture delivers a gift of free furniture to the home of a grandmother whose home was destroyed by floods.

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