Police & Husband Fake His Murder After Wife Hires Hit Man

When he said, “Until death do us part,” he had no idea she’d try to instigate that process. A local North Houston man, Ramon Sosa, thought he had a long and happy marriage ahead of him. Sadly, after they’d been married for six years, Maria said that she wanted a divorce.

Little did Ramon know, divorce was the least of his worries.

Apparently, Maria wasn’t patient enough to wait until the divorce was finalized. In a shocking turn of events, she decided to hire a hit man to murder her husband. The fee? Just $2,000.

Thankfully for Ramon, the guy Maria originally picked to do her dirty work happened to be acquainted with Ramon. He told Ramon that his wife was planning to have him killed. That’s when Ramon contacted the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department, and together they cooked up a scheme.

An officer would go undercover as a hit man and make a deal with Maria. Then, they’d fake Ramon’s death.

Sure enough, Maria readily agreed to meet with a man who she believed to be a hitman. She promised the undercover officer $4,000, some pieces of jewelry, and Ramon’s truck if he’d murder Ramon.

Police officers then positioned Ramon’s shirtless body in a field, in a freshly dug grave. They painted a gunshot wound on his forehead, made his skin look deathly pale, and dribbled some fake blood down his face and neck. All this was to make fake proof-of-hit photos look legit. Deputies then used the photos to trick Maria into confessing her wicked scheme.

“When I saw the video of her,” Ramon said, “when they showed her the staged photos of me dead with bullet in the side of my head, she giggled and laughed like she hit the lotto.”

Maria is now serving 20 years in prison.

Hopefully, when Maria gets out, she’ll be banned from dating or marrying ever again.

Read More & Watch The Interview on FOX 26

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