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Well hey there ya’ll! Welcome to The Pink Armadillo. We’re a couple of native Texan gals who take great pride in our faith, our family, and our community. In particular, there’s a special place in our hearts for the Greater North-West Houston Area, with a special emphasis on Tomball and The Woodlands.

Whether you’re looking for local businesses to support, farmer’s markets, homeschool support groups and advice, or family friendly restaurants and events, we’re hear to keep you in the know. We’ll even fill you in on community church and charity news. What’s not to love?

So make yourself comfortable! Just don’t forget to sign up for our email newsletter before ya go.

One thought on “About

  1. Gemma Gibbs says:

    Hi Sienna and Chrissy,

    I came across your website and some news articles you featured in online and thought your story was truly inspirational.

    I am a Producer in the UK and we are working on a new series for a major US cable network about people with rare genetic conditions.

    We intend to follow people as they embark on a journey (across the country and in some cases across the other side of the world) to meet another person living with the same condition.

    The idea being to share their experiences and discover how their disorder has affected others as well as themselves. It may well be that they can give each other guidance on how to navigate either practical or emotional issues.

    We are looking for people with rare conditions who have not already had the opportunity to meet someone like them.

    I see you are quite involved in the Primordial dwarfism community and I imagine you may have already met someone with the same condition as you. So you may not be interested in personally getting involved in our TV documentary. But I wondered if you may be able to help us in some way get in touch with people with rare genetic conditions who might be interested or share our flyer about the programme somewhere?

    I would absolutely love to have a chat with you on the phone to tell you more about the series if you can spare the time.

    As I am based in the UK, please email me at gemma.gibbs@raw.co.uk and if you let me know a good number and time to call you it would be great to have a quick chat.

    All the best,



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