Christmas Comes Early For Hastings High Music Students

Music Doing Good, a wonderful Houston-based non-profit organization, has announced the donation of 32 instruments to music students at Hastings High School, to ensure the continuation of the school's orchestra program. Instruments being donated include violins, violas, digital keyboards, cellos, and upright bases valued at more than $11,000. The instruments will be presented to the students... Continue Reading →

TMW You Ask An Anonymous Hacker For His Phone Number

Ever since June 7, when I found out my Antifa contact was actually an Anonymous hacktivist, I've maintained occasional communication with Sam, AKA Anonymous, AKA, Strollmaster. However, we've only ever talked over Facebook Messenger. We've covered a broad assortment of topics, from politics and media bias to macaroni and cheese. Here's the part where I... Continue Reading →

Bono & U2 Visit Whataburger & George W. Bush

Before his concert in Arlington over Memorial Day weekend, legendary rock juggernaut, Bono of U2 spent time visiting with former President George W. Bush. "Bono is the real deal," noted Bush on Instagram. "He has a huge heart and a selfless soul, not to mention a decent voice. Laura Bush and I are grateful he came to... Continue Reading →

Miller Outdoor Theatre Announces FREE June Performances

There's a place in Houston that's been a cultural haven since 1923. For nearly a century its sanctuary has hummed with children's chatter, thumped with percussion and dance, and drenched in the melodies of elite artists and orchestras. Nestled in the nature-scape of Hermann Park, this is Miller Outdoor Theatre. Unlike any other venue in the entire nation, Miller... Continue Reading →

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