TMW You Ask An Anonymous Hacker For His Phone Number

Ever since June 7, when I found out my Antifa contact was actually an Anonymous hacktivist, I've maintained occasional communication with Sam, AKA Anonymous, AKA, Strollmaster. However, we've only ever talked over Facebook Messenger. We've covered a broad assortment of topics, from politics and media bias to macaroni and cheese. Here's the part where I... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Covfefe Wine & Beer Pairing Guide

Whether you're Republican, or Democrat, or have lost all interest in politics, there's no denying that President Trump is a trendsetter. His latest Twitter escapades have made covfefe all the rage, to the great delight of covfefe farmers everywhere. Think about it. What he meant to say was, "Despite all the negative press, convfefe!" He... Continue Reading →

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