TMW You Ask An Anonymous Hacker For His Phone Number

Ever since June 7, when I found out my Antifa contact was actually an Anonymous hacktivist, I've maintained occasional communication with Sam, AKA Anonymous, AKA, Strollmaster. However, we've only ever talked over Facebook Messenger. We've covered a broad assortment of topics, from politics and media bias to macaroni and cheese. Here's the part where I... Continue Reading →

Texas HB 1359 vs. The Censorship of History

Confederate statues and House Bill 1359 (AKA The Texas Heroes Act) have created quite the stir of late. First, due to a filibuster by Austin Democrats, voting on the bill was postponed. Then, a group called Texas Antifa announced that they were holding a protest demanding the removal of the Sam Houston Monument in Hermann... Continue Reading →

How I Met Anonymous

Since I published my interview with Anonymous I've received dozens of questions and even some accusations. Yes, I interviewed Anonymous posing as Antifa. And then I interviewed Anonymous as Anonymous. And yes, I knew prior to the June 10th protest at the Sam Houston Monument that Texas Antifa was an elaborate hoax. I have written this... Continue Reading →

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