Adams Extract: It’s Not Just Vanilla! BBQ Rub, Ice Cream & Skillet Cookies, Oh My!

Any Texan who has ever baked anything is familiar with the brand Adams Extract. But did you know they make more than just Vanilla Extract? They’ve actually got an assortment of flavorings, box cake mix kits, BBQ rubs and grill seasoning blends, and a whole line of herbs and spices. Did we mention ice cream? Did we mention cookies?  Oh yes. There’s a lot you need to learn about this vintage Texas business from Gonzales. They are diversifying y’all, and it’s really quite wonderful. Continue reading

Bacon Wrapped Cheese Stuffed Jalapenos, photo by Sambeaner77

From Appetizers to Desserts: 4th of July Recipes to Make Your Party Patriotic

The 4th of July is coming right up! And no doubt, you’re planning what dishes to prepare for your party, or to bring to a friend’s. Here are some great recipes for the BEST hors doeuvres, side dishes, main dishes, desserts, and drinks, so be sure your read clear to the end, and definitely – DEFINITELY – share this one with your friends via Facebook and Twitter! 🙂 Continue reading