Shall We Fight Slavery or Statues?

Our nation is on fire. A pandemonium of hate sweeps through every city, polarizing good Americans based on their skin color and their politics. Some would have us believe that these Confederate Statues, these symbols of hate, must be purged from our land before there can be peace. Others would have us believe that history... Continue Reading →

Chick-fil-A Opens On Sunday Serving Free Hot Meals To Tornado Victims & Emergency Responders

Since Truett Cathy opened his first Chick-fil-A in 1946, the famous southern restaurant chain has been closed on Sundays so its employees can attend church and worship God with their families. Recently though, Chick-fil-A broke from this longstanding tradition, and for the most Christian reason you can imagine. Last Sunday, select North Texas Chick-fil-A's remained open to... Continue Reading →

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